From South Florida, Artist PATRICK AUTOMATIC Started his career in early 2016 as a Social Media Influencer in Instagram and later on dropping music as a hobby at first but now takes it seriously as it was a part of his life. Patrick has always been around the Music scene for a while with artists such as 6ix9ine, Icy Narco, and XXXTentacion. His little pop started when He used to make videos of him updates of his life, funny videos, and his videos went viral and got him thousands of followers including Madison Beer, Cameron Dallas, Maggie Lindemann, and XXXTentacion; who also became a mentor for Patrick when Patrick used social media to make made a #freex campaign and after that they became friends. XXXTentacion used to posted his album’s cover and tagged Patrick and on Instagram and snapchat you could watch videos of X dancing while listening to Patrick’s song “TRACER”. Patrick is still releasing music and he’ll continues to release music videos in the future and states that he is a perfectionist and will rise soon enough.”

~ Liam Martin, Rovi/Nick Garnier.

Patrick Automatic